What is Health Coaching?

Health and wellness coaching has gained immense prominence today. A health coach is charged to help people achieve their ideal weight, body size, and energy.

Yet, many of us dismiss a health coach as a cross between a dietitian and physical trainer. This assumption is quite reasonable too as they too help us to lose weight and stay healthy.

However, health coaches actually rise above other health practitioners as they not only empower you to become healthy but also inculcate positive changes in behavior that will enable you to continue to stay healthy all throughout your life.

How is this possible?

You may be surprised to know that a health or wellness coach does not actually prescribe the right diet or even design workout schedules for you to lose weight or build stamina. They have a rather different approach towards health and wellness:

Carving out goals for life – Health coaching begins with deep and insightful conversations with the health coach. The coach skillfully draws out where you yourself wish to go with your wellness. He or she will slowly build a comfortable rapport so that you can easily share what matters to you and why you think you are unable to achieve the same. Gradually you start visualizing clear health goals for yourself, such as:

Manage a chronic disease
Make healthy food choices
Stick to an exercise plan
Lose weight
Build energy and stamina
Shift to a healthy mindset
Lower stress
Focus on self-care
Getting your priorities right – Once your vision of your own health and well-being is well-defined, the health coach will steer the conversation towards how you think you can get there. Indeed, the coach will not lay out a specific meal plan, training schedule or other such program. Rather, the focus is on prompting you to listen to your inner wisdom so that you yourself can figure out what you should be doing. It also includes identifying your personal barriers and how to overcome them.

Based on the discussions, the coach will work with you to define a clear action plan to achieve the goals. These are broad choices that fit your tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

Following through – In general, all of us are aware of the right choices that promote a healthy lifestyle. In fact, we are bombarded with various diets, workouts, and other such information. But how many of us actually integrate them in our daily life or even manage to stick to a diet program?

A health coach near me is a guiding and motivating force that constantly encourages you to make the eating, working, sleeping, and behavior changes that you have set out to do. The coach not only extends support and buoys your confidence every step of the way but also holds you accountable for incorporating the healthy habits such that they actually last a lifetime.

Slowly the mindset shifts, the changes become permanent and you continue to stay fit and healthy always!

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