What Is a CPAP Mask and When Do You Use It?

Among the many parts of your CPAP unit, the CPAP mask is the most personal piece of the lot. It is the piece that comes in direct contact with you and it also remains to be the closest to you as it paves way for the supply of air. If you find yourself still uncomfortable with your mask, or are still looking for the best one that suits you – then, here are some tips to help you find it. CPAP Mask Parts

One of our tips is to find a mask that is just right for you. That said, a mask that is too tight is not the right choice. This will prove to be uncomfortable in the long run and would cease to serve its purpose of making you more comfortable. Choose a mask that is just right and has a lot of room for you to breathe. This is very important when you are looking for full face masks.

Next concerns the straps. Some straps are easily adjustable but others aren’t. Most people spend time finding the perfect fit for them every single time they need to wear the mask. In order to avoid this, the best tip is to mark the exact places where the straps and locks should go and how tight they should be. You can do this by using pen markers and the like. If your straps are darker in shade, you can use metallic markers or even paint markers.

Clean and maintain your mask at least once a week but always remember to wipe it clean every day. Always keep it nice and clean for you to use.

Now, when not in use, place it inside a box or a closed storage as well as a dry place like a drawer. This is very important in order to keep it clean.


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