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Pole dancing as a profession needs appealing footwear and if you are new to this then you may be confused about where to buy these pole dancing footwear from? So here is brief information and questions that you should ask for keeping in mind while shopping pole dancing shoes. Take a look at pleaser pole dancing shoes at
Things you should consider before buying pole dancing shoes:-
Do you know what pole dancing shoes are?
Heel size
Style (Thigh High, Knee Boots Ankle Boots etc.)
Brand (Pleaser, Bordello, Pinup Couture, FuPinup etc.)
What are pole dancing shoes are:-
This footwear is made out of material which can easily stick to the pole. They come with the strap or without the strap to give you support. They come with high platform and heels. Pole dancing shoes are also known as stripper shoes, lap dancing shoes and many other names. So try to use alternate names in Google search.

You can see that shoes have a lot of colors including Black, White, Blue, Purple, Red and many others. So there are varieties of colors to choose from.
Pole dancing shoes come up with a lot of styles like Thigh High, Knee Boots Ankle Boots etc. The more area of your feet is covered by your footwear the more you feel comfy.

Today in the market a lot of famous brands are available and each has its own specialties. Some brand names are mentioned here just for an idea:-
Pinup Couture
Read the guide carefully before buying online pole dancing shoes. Buy shoes according to your feet whether you have broad narrow or normal feet. Look platform and heel in which you can manage your body weight for any movement.
The grip is an important factor while you are performing on the floor. The more grips you have on the pole the better are chances to make your performance adorable. That is why straps are given on the back side of the shoes.
Everything depends on your budget. Low budget means low comfort and high risk and a good budget leads the best brand like pleaser shoes with high comfort and low risk. Don’t buy the shoes with studs or big buckles. Big pole dancing shoes are always recommended.
At the end no matter what brand, style or design you are wearing because comfort is all above that. Always wear the shoes in which you are comfortable.
stripper shoes is a place from where you can shop your pole dancing footwear very easily because we have given all the mandatory information regarding the shoes so you get confidence while looking for the pole dancing shoes.

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