One Of The Few Health Products Science, Medicine & Major Media Give Thumbs Up (No I’m Not a Rep)

Sheila And The Limu Moui

As most of my readers and followers are aware, when I am not writing travel articles, I am shamelessly promoting my online stores, cartoons, or writing about dogs, health products,
depression, spirituality, et al.

Something happened the other day that I felt important to mention. I met a wonderful woman in
my hometown, a wonderful, bright mother of two, who started talking about limu moui. I didn’t have a clue of what she was telling me. She was very patient and full of good information. A professional in every since of the word.

She told me she had become a distributor for this new health product that could be one of the, if not the most powerful immune system booster and healer on the planet. Of course I was skeptical as you can imagine. I’ve been studying herbology, vitamins, etc. for decades. What was this limu moui?

She asked me to visit her site and watch the video. I procrastinated but finally did. Her radiance,
I must say, was enough to sell it to me in person, without even opening her mouth.

I watched the video on her site: [] This is the original company that harvests it, not a “Johnny come lately” who may or may not be as knowledgeable.

I could not believe it. It is so rare that the western medical community, major national media
and science all agree on…of all things, something as natural as a rare seawood off the coast of the
Tongan Islands. It is not only the seaweed itself, but a unique way it is processed that makes it
such a powerful medical agent.

Of course, there are no claims on the site. That part didn’t bother me as I’ve worked in the
health food industry and understand keenly what we are to say and not say. And she said it

The fruity drink contains mango, pears, apples (I think that was the combo and maybe
others in a glass bottle). Though some might call it “pricey”, I looked at the price and, compared
with many health food products that offer much less, and do not have the thumbs up from the
medical and science community,  it is actually relatively inexpensive, and, can probably make up for the price in a matter of month, sans more doctor bills for (name your pain du jour).

I commend this woman who has held down a 9-5 job for about 8 years, raised to children
and now is committed to work in a very competitive field and do well. Of course having a very
respected product with so much publicity and scientific backing does not hurt matters.

I am buying a bottle this month before ordering a case later. I considered asking about
distributing, but I have to focus on my writing and cartoons.

I told her my past experience in network marketing was not positive. Of course at that time, there was no Internet to blog, ping, do article marketing etc. Plus I did not have a highly endorsed product. She does.

This is the kind of product that everyone wants. I feel they’ve been awaiting it. And, at 53, believe me one does start thinking about their immune system. Even if they tell you they are not. Talk to Sheila today, I encourage you (after watching the video) and give this amazing product a try. This is one of those few that I believe may be the “real thing”. Go for it!

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