Hand Hygiene in The Modern World

For over a hundred years, one of the primary methods of mitigating infection and the spread of disease has been skin hygiene with a specific focus on hands. And the link between contaminated hands and the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses is a very well documented phenomenon in modern medicine. And there is a clear relationship through time showing a correlation between general levels of cleanliness and improved health.

However the risk of potential infection has recently risen based on new behaviour patterns. For example; the consumption of commercially prepared food and public transport. And while general environmental sanitation is good, there is room for improvement. There is however, a great market for hand hygiene products. Currently hospitals are moving towards using antibacterial hand sanitiser gels over traditional soap and water since it has shown to be far more effective.

The reasons for this may not be immediately apparent. Since it is portable, there is no need for doctors or nurses to go to a sink between patients, on top of this it has been shown to take as little as 30 seconds to completely clean hands using a hand sanitiser gel, while washing with soap and water at a sink will take 45-90 seconds to achieve similar results, with the added lack of travel to a sink and considering that a hospital staff member might be expected to spend 90 minutes washing their hands on a shift, you can see that hand sanitiser gel saves a lot of time and due to this saved time, it has been shown that hospital staff are more likely to spend time doing it properly.

long lasting hand sanitizer, It is also these fast and portable qualities that make personal hand sanitisers very viable for personal use, such hand hygiene products can be bought in containers as small as a pen and for general use could be used to clean your hands in as little as 10 seconds. And considering you should ideally wash your hands in many situations throughout the day where you may not have access to a sink or the time required, this offers a very simple solution.

You may think that such alcohol based products will dry your hands out, which is generally true of alcohol based products, however, comparisons of modern alcohol-based hand rubs with traditional detergent based antibacterial agents and water has shown that the antibacterial hand sanitiser gels actually improve skin condition. This is likely due to protective fats and oils from the alcohol rub that are left on the skin, which would otherwise be washed away, and that sanitising gels often includes emollients.

Overall there are more than enough reasons to consider carrying personal hand sanitisers, you will likely find doing so will save you a lot of time and may even save you getting something more serious like swine flu.

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