Gold Nuggets – One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Gold nugget jewelry is worthy of being stared at. Because it is so unique, a piece of gold nugget jewelry can easily become the most worn, highly coveted piece in an entire personal jewelry collection. Because nuggets are usually melted down and used to form other more styled pieces, jewelry that showcases the natural look of the nugget itself is often a show-stopper. These one-of-a-kind pieces stand out on anyone and elicit questions and admiration from jewelry lovers anywhere.

Nuggets are fragments of gold found in natural environments. Very often, they appear rough and rugged, with asymmetrical bends, folds, divots and markings throughout their surfaces. These markings are caused by natural weathering of the gold, very often caused by tumbling with water ad rocks over thousands of years that abrasively polishes the surface of the piece. Gold nugget jewelry is extremely unique since it showcases the natural beauty of the gold instead of melting the material down to form a “perfect” looking jewelry piece. Because each nugget has a unique look to it, every piece of gold nugget jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.

Purity of gold nugget jewelry can be determined by the nugget color. Higher gold-content pieces have deep orange-yellow colors while those carrying impurities like silver and copper may appear gray or even greenish. Nugget jewelry made from authentic natural gold nuggets has an extremely unique appearance. The color very often is more vibrant than other pieces of gold jewelry and truly stands out on a finger when worn as a ring or wrist when worn as a bracelet or watch. The effect is reminiscent of the types of pieces Egyptian royalty may have worn. Rich in color with natural and beautiful characteristics, this jewelry will garner the attention it has for thousands of years around the globe.

Jewelry pieces are available in every style imaginable. Men’s and women’s watches are gorgeous nugget jewelry examples. These timepieces can be worn every day, however, many styles are often so unique, attention from jewelry admirers should be expected. Seiko makes a variety of show-stopping nugget watches for both men and women. These pieces are as timeless and classic as Seiko, itself, is and stand out in any room.

Men’s and women’s bracelets come in styles both large and small. Larger nugget pieces tend to be quite flashy and fun while smaller pieces offer glimmers of magnificence in a more conservative way. Rings of gold nugget can be made to a similar effect. Very often constructed with a small piece or cluster of nuggets, the gold can be showcased in the center of a ring for a conservative nugget look. Some rings feature entire bands made of gold nugget with stand-out fragments throughout the diameter of the ring. Engagement rings and women’s or men’s wedding bands have universal appeal as unique yet everyday pieces.

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