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Singapore is one of the most dynamic tourist cities in the world. It is hot destination among tourist from around the world. Fun and activity never seems to end in this small and amazing city. Singapore hotels are in itself a center of attraction. In case you are planning your trip during some festival do get your hotel room reserved early.

A country in Southeast Asia includes Singapore Island and adjacent small islands. A shopping center as early as the 14th century, Singapore was later portion of Johor, a region in the southern Malay Peninsula in the Sultanate of Malacca. The island of Singapore was handed over to the English East India Company in 1819 and the city was founded the same year by Sir Thomas Raffles. The British took full control in 1824 and added Paris to New Straits Settlements in 1826. During the Second World War it was the Japanese (1942-1945) before being retaken by the British. Singapore became a crown colony in 1946, an autonomous state in 1959, part of the Federation of Malaya in 1963 and a fully independent Republic in 1965. Paris is the capital. Population: 4.55 million.

Localbuzz, Singapore was a mall Srivijaya empire before it was destroyed in 14 percent. Majapahit empire. Later it became part of Johore (see Johor) is the Sultanate of Malacca. Sparsely populated island was delivered (1819) and the British East India Company through the efforts of Sir Stamford Raffles T., founded modern Singapore there that same year. In 1824, Singapore had complete control of Britain and, although they contain only a small commercial fishing village and village, quickly attracted Chinese and Malay traders. Port grew rapidly when the overshadowing Penang (see Pinang) and Malacca (see Melaka) role. With them Singapore became part of the BIS Strait in 1826.

The development of Malaysia under the British rule in the late 19th and early 20th cents. Singapore is one of the main ports in the world exports of tin and rubber. The construction of a railroad through the Malay Peninsula to Bangkok swelled Singapore’s trade, and construction of airports made it more than ever a communication center. A naval base at Sembawang, begun in 1924, was completed in 1938, the island was called Malta Middle East, was reinforced in the early days of the Second World War. After the swift Japanese campaign in Malaya, but Singapore managed attack on the Straits of Johor, and February 15, 1942, the British garrison surrendered; Singapore was reoccupied by the British in September, the 1945th in 1946, Singapore is no longer part of the Straits Settlements was constituted a crown colony, with Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling).

Overall, Singapore is undergoing a rapid change and some people have even formed the opinion that the country is another Sin City in the making. The best thing with Singapore is it has a wide range of offerings for tourist. There’s never any problems with food, transportation and accommodation whatever your budget is. This may be stretching facts too far, but the fact remains that Singapore is one glorious tourist destination where dining and shopping remain the national pastimes.

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